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Thanks for visiting the careers site for Susco.

A little about us:

What is Susco's purpose?
To promote social prosperity by developing software that enables people get more done.

How are we living it now?
We develop software that allows our Clients to increase their productivity and bring in more top-line revenue. We then reinvest a portion of what we make in launching socially-minded applications.

How are we upgraded?
Our Leadership: we're 100% accountable to our clients and developers
Our Clients: understand that not everything can be done today
Our Employees: understand that it's unacceptable to leave someone else in a lurch
Our Ownership: on the projects Susco takes an equity piece in, employees are included
Our Fun Factor: monthly team events; be it paintball, kart racing, or a shooting range, and daily LoL (League of Legends)
Our Commitment to improve ourselves: learn mobile, internal, web app, and game development - never get bored
Our Commitment to improve each other: we cultivate an atmosphere of learning and encourage those who wish to grow AND have strong salaries and benefits

Also, we ONLY want people that…

Want to grow, both as developers and as professionals (i.e. soft skills)
Have a positive outlook on life
Are ready for a Company that only accepts the best
Are comfortable being asked “What is your purpose?”, and “How will you be your best you?”
Finish their sprints, no excuses (aside alien invasions)

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